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ir-ri-ga-tion: noun.

The science of applying the necessary amount of water to promote or sustain healthy growth of plant material or turf.

GreenView provides year-round irrigation services to clients throughout the Carolinas. Our team of full-service irrigation contractors, technicians, and crew undergo training by certified irrigation professionals and receive ongoing education from manufacturer representatives. We guarantee expertly designed water delivery systems, customized parts, and irrigation controls that prioritize water conservation for your system.



GreenView offers installation services performed by professionals licensed by the state of North Carolina and certified by the Irrigation Association (IA).


Pump Station Service

The pump station serves as the core of your irrigation setup. Our pump station technicians employ high-quality materials and guarantee top-notch functionality, electrical safety, and the enduring performance of your pumping system.



Our in-house design approach empowers customers to actively engage in the process from inception, ensuring their vision is fully realized.


Audits & Mapping

Audits verify that the irrigation system distributes water with maximum efficiency and accuracy. Mapping offers a visual representation of underground piping and wiring, aiding in preventing utility and excavation damage.



Routine inspections are conducted to assess the condition of the irrigation system and pinpoint potential issues, facilitating proactive solutions.


Retro Fitting

Revitalizing an outdated system involves integrating smart irrigation technologies such as weather-based controllers, enhancing emission devices for greater efficiency, and adjusting misplaced hardware to suit the current landscape

Meet our Irrigation Manager

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